UBC 23 24 Indigenous Cultural Safety




“As a leading educator of the health sciences we not only have a responsibility to address the health inequities resulting from colonialism, but we also have a unique opportunity to shape how healthcare is practiced and delivered well into the future.”

-Professor Santa J. Ono, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of British Columbia


The Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health’s UBC 23 24 Indigenous Cultural Safety (ICS) aims to prepare future health care professionals to provide quality, culturally safe care, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes for Indigenous peoples.

  • UBC 23 24 ICS is an interprofessional learning experience and a required component of 13 UBC health professional programs.
  • The curriculum is delivered in partnership with UBC Health as part of an interdisciplinary integrated approach to health professional education.
  • UBC 23 24 ICS is a foundational curriculum in Indigenous cultural safety and covers topics of Indigenous perspectives of history, the legacy of colonialism in Canada, Indigenous peoples’ health and Canada’s healthcare system.

Currently, UBC 23 24 ICS is only available for students in one of 13 health professional programs. An expanded curriculum for staff and faculty is currently being created and expected to be complete by 2022. Further updates will be released when available.

Inquiries regarding this curriculum can be made to the UBC 23 24 ICS Curriculum Manager at 23.24@ubc.ca

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