Summer Science Application Online – Applications are now closed!


Applications for Summer Science Program 2022 are now closed!

There are 3 different ways you can apply for the Summer Science program, feel free to use whichever way is most comfortable for you! Apply online with Qualtrics, download and upload the forms to our database or print and mail the application form to us! We look forward to you joining us at Summer Science!

Applying online via Qualtrics

The UBC Summer Science Application is hosted on the UBC Qualitrics site. UBC IT has been searching for a solution that allows the University to continue to support world class research and the needs of the community. The vendor, Qualtrics Research Core came on top as the product that meets the university’s requirements and need as part of the RFP (Request for Proposals) process. This ensures that information inputted will be safe and secure. Read more

Before you apply please have the following information handy:

  • Indigenous Ancestry
  • Community/Band name, phone number
  • Status number (if applicable)
  • Preferred pronouns (definitions will be provided)
  • Current mailing address, postal code
  • Home phone number, student cell phone number
  • Email address of student and guardians
  • School information (phone number, counsellor name, email)
  • Reference letter and grade/report card
  • Medical information (medical care card number, doctor information, medication, illnesses and allergies, etc.)

Please also pre-write for the following topics:

  • Statements of Interest
    • Why would you like to attend the UBC Summer Science Program?
    • What are your interests in school? (favourite subjects, projects, etc.)? Why?
    • What are your interests outside of school (hobbies, sports, cultural interests, volunteering, etc.)? Why?
    • What are your future education/career goals?
    • Do you think it’s important to be connected to your culture? How do you think this can support your success in the future?
  • Bursary Application Questions (Optional)
    • Please describe a recent achievement in any area of your life.
    • what are your strengths and gifts that you draw upon to overcome challenges?
    • If you would like to share anything else about yourself and your possible participation in the UBC Summer Science Program, please tell us.This could include any financial circumstances or personal challenges.

Please note, due to security reasons, Qualtrics will close the survey if there is inactivity on the page, be sure to finish the application in one go:

Download PDF version and upload documents online

Feel free to download the PDF or Doc version of the application and upload them onto our system:
*If you are having trouble downloading the Doc. please right click the button and hit “save link as” and it will save the Doc*

After completion of pages, click the following button to upload documents online: