IPH application

Applications to attend Indigenous Public Health Training Institutes will be adjudicated by the Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health. Applications for the IPH Summer Institute 2022 will open in early May.  Please find links below. 

Application Process:

1. Download and read the Application Guide

2. Prepare and save application materials
3. Fill out the online application via the link below:

Please read the application guide prior to clicking the online application below.

Once you start an online application, you may continue at a later time only on the same computer and browser.

For inquiries regarding applications and general program inquiries, or to join our mailing list, please email: indigenous.health@ubc.ca.

Non-Credit Tuition: $500.00 per course + $75.00 registration fee

Credit-Tuition: approx. $700.00 per course + applicable UBC Student Fees

Bursary support available. 


Why this program?

The Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health, as a core part of its mandate to raise the health status and self-determination of Indigenous communities, is committed to providing national leadership in offering training opportunities to aspiring and accomplished Indigenous health leaders. This program represents the first specialized Indigenous public health program in Canada and aims to serve the training and capacity needs of communities. The program features leadership from UBC Faculty members, Indigenous scholars and health leaders on public health and research fundamentals that incorporate Indigenous Knowledge.

Can I take individual courses?

Absolutely. Many professionals working in Indigenous communities, or in the field of Indigenous public health, desire specialized training in specific areas. Individual courses will not be restricted to students enrolled in the Graduate Certificate or Certificate.

Our Centre prioritizes having open lines of communication to potential students and providing resources to support individuals through the application process.

If you’re unsure of eligibility, require support with your application or have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact Rhonda Carriere (Program Manager) at 604-827-4000 (leave a voicemail for return call)  or email rhonda.carriere@ubc.ca or  indigenous.health@ubc.ca

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