UBC Summer Science Program 2018 Application Instructions

Let’s get started with your application to UBC Summer Science Program 2018!


To complete your submission, you will need:

  1. Two reference letters. Your referees need to explain why they think you should be chosen to attend UBC Summer Science Program 2018. Referees could be staff at your school, mentors, coaches, important community members, etc. You will need to upload a word/PDF document of their letter, or a scanned copy. You will only be able to click ‘Submit’ once you have uploaded both letters.
  2. Grades. Please upload the most recent copy of your school grades; an interim report is fine. You will only be able to click ‘Submit’ once you have uploaded a copy of your grades.
  3. The UBC Summer Science Program Application Form – download here: ssp-application-form-2017. Please fill it out completely. You can either a) print out the form, fill it in by hand, scan it, and upload it, OR b) if your parent/guardian has a PDF program that allows for digital signatures, you can fill out the form on a computer, save the filled out PDF, and upload it.

Once you have uploaded all four documents (2x reference letters, 1x grades, 1x application form) and have your parent/guardian fill out the Declaration in the space below you will be able to submit your application.


Application deadline is May 1st, 2017, but as this is a highly sought after program we strongly encourage you to apply early to improve your chances of securing a spot!


UBC Summer Science Program 2018 Application

  • File Uploads:

  • Must be from a teacher, community member, or other professional experience. Examples include: supervisor at work, science teacher, elder in your community, volunteer coordinator, etc. If you have multiple reference letters, please feel free to upload them but note that only 1 is required.
  • Please note that while we do require a submission of a report card or grades summary, that your actual grades are not a significant contributor to your admission into the program.
  • Declaration:



If you have problems completing the process as described above, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you have no way of submitting the necessary documents online, there is the possibility of using regular mail to post the documents to our office. Please call or email to notify us that you wish to do so, and we will provide you with any additional instructions. Note: we will not be responsible for submissions lost in the mail.



For any questions or concerns please contact the Summer Science Program staff at:


Telephone: 604.827.1444 or 604-822-3453