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Bachelor of Midwifery (BMW)

Information accurate as of: May 3rd 2016. Retrieved from the Midwifery program website. For further details, please visit: http://midwifery.ubc.ca/

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(Credit: UBC Department of Family Practice/ Midwifery Program)

The Midwifery Program prepares students to provide primary care for women and their families through pregnancy and up to the third month after birth. Midwives, although independent practitioners, work as part of the health care team. This four-year program combines broad-based knowledge and understanding in the humanities, and the social and bio-medical sciences. In Canada, preparation for practice normally takes the form of an undergraduate degree in midwifery. At UBC, the four-year degree prepares graduates to write the Canadian Midwifery Registration Examination (CMRE) and thereafter to licensure in British Columbia. The program allows graduates to enter directly to practice following licensure.

Minimum Admission Requirements to the PhD program include:

Step #1 Complete 24 Credits of Post Secondary Coursework and apply to Midwifery Program

  • Meet Entry Requirements: Though a grade 12 high school diploma along with the prerequisite courses is the minimum requirement, applicants are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to complete a minimum of 24 transferable credits prior to applying. Although there is no specific GPA pre-requisite for the Midwifery Program at UBC, it is recommended that applicants hold a minimum of 75%.
  • Pre-requisite Coursework: Completion of BIOL 153 – Anatomy and Physiology (7 Credits) and ENGL 112 – Strategies for University Writing or an approved equivalent (3 Credits) or their equivalents.

Step #2 Apply to UBC:

For answers to commonly asked admissions questions, please visit FAQ’s Admissions.

The following documentation is required in support of an application:

  • Undergraduate Online Application: Completed application form submitted online with fees paid.
  • Midwifery Supplementation Application Form: Students will receive access to the supplemental application on the SSC (Student Service Centre) once they have completed their UBC application and paid their application fee
  • Academic transcripts: Have all official transcripts sent directly to Enrolment Services. If enrolled in courses, students should send their current transcripts at the end of their academic term, should you be enrolled in courses completing in December.
  • Interview: The top candidates will be invited for interviews to be held in the Spring.

The undergraduate online application for UBC’s Vancouver and Okanagan campuses opens in early September and closes in early December. Admissions decisions for most programs are made in April or early May.

Please note that some programs may accept complete application packages submitted after the posted deadline date or may have other program specific dates and deadlines.

To view specific program dates and deadlines, visit the Midwifery Program’s Admission page for more information.

The UBC Midwifery Program reserves selected seats for qualifying aboriginal students each year. Students may self-identify as Aboriginal on their university application or by separate contact. UBC Midwifery has established a committee for Aboriginal, Rural and Remote Education with a mandate of developing core curricula, clinical placement opportunities, mentors, and a database of university resources to support Aboriginal midwifery students at UBC and externally.

For more information about the program, please contact:

Blake Dobie
Midwifery Program
Manager | Student Services Department of Family Practice, Faculty of Medicine

300-5950 University Blvd
David Strangway Building
Vancouver BC V6T 1Z3

Email: blake.dobie@.ubc.ca
Tel: (604) 822-7452