Aboriginal Health and Community Administration (AHCAP)

UBC Certificate Program


House Post by Susan Point (Musqueam) Collection of the UBC Museum of Anthropology

This award-winning certificate program is designed for those working in Aboriginal communities who want to increase their community’s capacity to deliver services, coordinate programs, and promote the health of their people.

Participants learn to:

  • write proposals and reports
  • make presentations
  • understand conflict and manage change
  • work with budgets
  • use appropriate information technology
  • be familiar with relevant policies
  • make use of research
  • assess community needs
  • integrate traditional and western approaches to health.

Course topics:

  • Communication and Leadership
  • Fundamentals of Administration
  • Policy and Research
  • Information Management
  • Aboriginal Health and Wellness
Next Session Begins:       March 2018
Registration Deadline:       January 31, 2018


Phone: 604.827.4234

Email: ahcap.cstudies@ubc.ca

This program is presented in partnership by UBC Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Health (health.aboriginal.ubc.ca) and UBC Continuing Studies.


 Bursary Funding Application:

We recognize that acess to financial resources is one of the many struggles people may face when looking to apply, and we are committed to increasing access to the AHAP program by addressing these financial constraints. We also recognize that First nations, Metis, and Inuite often face particular financial challenges and we are devoted to our vision of an equitable and inclusive community of learners at the university. To that end, we are encouraging applications from those unable to secure enough funding to take the program. Please submit no later than December 1, 2017.